Purim Party 085

Community Development Director

For four years whilst I was training and in the early stages of my career I worked part-time as Community Development Director of the Hampstead Synagogue.

In that role I was responsible for creating and communicating a program of events aimed at revitalising the community and growing the membership, with a focus on young families.

Each year, working alongside the natural rhythm of the months dictated by the Jewish Festivals, I added more celebrations, events and series, until by the time I left I had developed a year-round program of activities for a variety of different and clearly defined groups, all delivered on tight budgets by a combination of synagogue professionals and volunteer members.

These activities and the interest they generated contributed to a successful bid to our parent body to allow a major heritage renovation project to proceed.

This experience has given me an excellent grounding in working over the long term to grow membership, but also the sensitivity to handle relationships with long-established members and audiences as programming and activities change and develop. I reported to the Board of Management every month, worked with the Chair and Deputy Chair to set my objectives, and otherwise managed my own time and responsibilities in a relationship of trust.

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