I’m a theatre director, cultural leader, mother, rock-climber and lover of the arts. From Shakespeare to opera, tap-dancing musicals to community shows in housing estates, I believe that we can learn about the present from the past, to make a better future.

From 2017 to 2021, I was the Director of Programming at JW3, London’s first Jewish Community Centre, modelled on the JCCs of North America. JW3 is a non-denominational, non-political Jewish space where all are welcome, with a diverse programme of arts and culture, education and community events designed to foster meaningful connections between people from all backgrounds, and to strengthen communities both Jewish and non-Jewish.

During Covid I was responsible for putting our entire programme online to connect, comfort and inspire tens of thousands of people, oversaw the team which opened and ran a food bank onsite, and led the safe return of activity to our building and the creation of multi-access programming so that people can continue to enjoy our activities online as well as in-person.

I learned a huge amount during my time at JW3 and I am open to returning to theatre or to a new role in the charity sector. In theatre my absolute dream would be as the Artistic Director of a socially engaged and community-minded professional company, preferably in a jobshare. To veer more left field, I’d love to use my public speaking, writing and influencing skills to effect environmental change.