New Movement Collective: Collapse

This week I was invited by Malgorzata Dzierzon of the New Movement Collective (NMC) to join them in their research and development work on ‘Collapse’, a collaboration with ScanLAB architectural 3D data capture specialists.

As shown above, ScanLab are creating 1:1 scale sculptures of the dancers in movement using a process called Slow Life Scanning, and the sculptures themselves form part of the performance – an exploration of the theme of collapse. In the time we spent together we worked on the ideas of cycles of collapse, the escapability or inescapability of those cycles, and the mechanisms people employ to cope as things fall apart.

This was my first taste of dramaturgy in a dance context, and it’s whetted my appetite to do more in future.

NMC is a collective of new generation choreographers with a long collaborative working history, developing work that is directly presented in response to different and unusual theatrical settings. With a strong commitment to collaborative working methods between dance, architecture, film and music, NMC is dedicated to unlocking the performance potential within the hidden pockets of our cities.

For more information about NMC please see here.

The image above shows NMC dancer Clemmie Svaas in a previous showing of ‘Collapse’, and was taken by Matthew Shaw of ScanLAB projects.

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